writer, editor and reviewer

specialist in history and theory/philosophy of psychology

Dr. ‚ÄčAdrian C. Brock

Welcome to my website. Its main aim is to make my publications more easily available.

My publications from 2015 include a chapter on the history of psychological objects for the Wiley Handbook of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology , a target article (with peer commentary) on presentism and diversity in the history of psychology for the journal, Psychological Studies and a co-authored article on the status of the history of psychology course in British and Irish psychology departments for the inaugural issue of the European Yearbook of the History of Psychology.

My most recent publication is the editorial for the current issue of the journal, History of Psychology (August 2016). It is a special issue on the future of the history of psychology that I guest edited. I have also written a response to Benjamin Lovett's critique of the 'new' history of psychology which has been published online by the same journal prior to being published in print. Another publication that I have in press is a chapter on the universal and the particular in psychology for a forthcoming volume in the Annals of Theoretical Psychology book series.